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Explore our models

Explore our exclusive Bitcoin price models that offer unique insights into Bitcoin's value. Analyzing specific aspects of Bitcoin, its network, and the market, our models reveal patterns and trends for unparalleled clarity.
These price models can only be found on Prism BTC!
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Step 2

Discover Bitcoin highs and lows

Each of our price models provides a Price Indicator - our signature tool for finding price highs and lows. Effortlessly gauge Bitcoin's current price position in relation to historical trends, empowering you with clear insights to make informed decisions.
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Price Indicator
100 ▲
Price has reached predicted top.
50 ▲
Price leaning high, with more room to fall.
0 ▶
Price is balanced.
50 ▼
Price leaning low, with more room to rise.
100 ▼
Price has reached predicted bottom.
Maximize your knowledge
The math is done
We provide quantitative models that have been thoroughly tested to offer the highest quality information.
Keep it simple
Our models only answer the most important questions: Is the price high or low? How much higher or lower can the price go?
Find the trend
Bitcoin often follows cyclical patterns. Our models are designed to find these patterns and identify where the price of Bitcoin is within the trend.
Choose your favorite models
Choose the model that best suits your needs. Each model has different characteristics that cater to various objectives.
Stay informed
Create custom alerts so that you are always aware of price highs and lows.
Unbiased and stress-free
Our models are built using quantitative analysis. There is no bias or ulterior motive like observed with some "Bitcoin experts."
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